Monitoring and Population Research Activities of  Marmaris salamander

Lycian salamanders are one of the groups that include endemic species in the Mediterranean, Turkey (Muğla and Antalya provinces) and some adjacent island. Among the species, Marmaris salamander (Lyciasalamandra flavimembris) is an endangered endemic species and found in Northwestern part of Muğla province. Within its naturally restricted range, the major potential threat to the species is habitat loss due to forest fires, urbanization and climate change. The species is listed as EN-Endangered in IUCN Red List and its population is decreasing

In this study, we’re aiming to determine the distribution of the species, population density, phenology, and threats on the population. Besides, we’re planning activities to raise awareness for the species conservation. this study will provide a scientific resource for decision makers for using futures habitat management plans. Besides creating a scientific resource, we are aiming to raise awareness among both the decision makers and the local community.

This project funded by Rufford Small Grants