Ghost Nets Busters

Ghost net means the hunting tools which are intentionally or accidentally left at the seabed.  It has severe pressure on the marine ecosystems not less than overfishing. Several scientific studies have indicated that the hunting tools left at the seabed don’t decompose and continue passively hunting. This can last around 2 to 8 years depending on the material of the tool, depth, geographical structure, and hydrodynamics.

AKD in partnership with Gokova Sailing Club is initiating the Ghost Nets Busters Project in 2013 to cope with this serious problem. The Project which is designed based on the need to improve the NTZ at six sites in Gokova Bay and to effectively and sustainably conserve the sites aims to avoid the pressure on ecosystem through removing the nets.

Ghost nets have a negative impact on the restoration process of the NTZs. Therefore, it is vital to reach out the fishers and the Project will establish a communication and data network with them to remove the nets. Fishermen are the priority stakeholder group of the Project and will actively take part in removing the nets and protecting the site. Aquaculture cooperatives, local administrations, and protection/control units will participate the meetings and the field studies.