Setting nets in Anatolia: Fisherwomen

Effects of gender inequality are evident in fisheries as well. The fact that it’s considered a male profession in Turkey prevents the number and socio-economic problems of women fishing at sea and inland waters from being recognized. Gender inequality in economic life is a crucial factor causing not only the women but also the rest of the family members to grow poor. Fisherwomen, as the pillars of artisanal fishing, are also the group most affected by the deterioration of the habitat and diminishing biodiversity caused by illegal and excessive fishing.

The project “Setting nets in Anatolia: Fisherwomen” has contributed to the studies of pertaining public bodies by revealing the requirements for a gender-based data collection in fisheries and providing the number and locations of fisherwomen in Turkey in order to form a basis for fisheries policies where women are also involved. As the project areas of the GEF-SGP, Gulf of Edremit and Lake Beyşehir had been selected. The project has developed suggestions for gender-based data collection. As a result, fisherwomen received support in terms of economy and entrepreneurship.