MERCES (Marine Ecosystem Restoration In Changing European Seas)

MERCES (Marine Ecosystem Restoration in the Changing European Seas), which is coordinated by Università Politecnica delle Marche from Italy, is a European Union UFUK 2020 Framework program project. Within the project, there is the total of 28 partners from various universities and non-governmental organizations contributing from 16 different countries. Among these partners,  Mediterranean Conservation Society (AKD) is representing our country. The goal of the project is the restoration of marine seagrass meadows, algae, coral, and sponge species of that form in coastal and deep-sea habitats that were normal level in the past, but nowadays damaged or destroyed due to climate change, herbivore invasive species and anthropogenic factors. AKD takes an active role in 4 of the project packages and 2 of them are about restoration experiments. Within the framework of the work packages, AKD is carrying out restoration trials at several stations in Foça Special Environmental Protection Area and Gökova Bay No Take Zones simultaneously with other countries. For this purpose, cage experiments are carried out in order to protect transplanted individuals of seagrass and some algae species. Detailed information about the project can be found at given addresses below.

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