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Account Numbers for Membership

Every member whose membership has been approved in accordance with the Regulations of the Mediterranean Conservation Society is obliged to pay the annual membership fee determined in the by laws. It is determined as 60 TL for all members with annual membership fee at the Ordinary General Assembly held on December 22, 2012, by the Mediterranean Conservation Society. Donations and Annual Fees can be deposited into the Mediterranean Conservation Society (AKD) bank account.


AKD Member Annual Dues Account
Bank                        : Turkish Economy Bank
Branch Code          :48
Account Number  : 10452875
IBAN Number       : TR840003200000000010452875


Important Alerts and Information

  •  In order to avoid a mistake in your membership transactions, it is absolutely necessary to notify and write the dates belong to for which the fees you paid in the EFT and Money transfer account documents.
  • You are requested to pay the annual membership fee on time and in full.
  • According to the Association Law and the Association of the Mediterranean Conservation Society, members who do not pay the membership fees cannot use their right of choice and right of election at the General Assembly, which is held every 2 (two) years.





I declare that the information I have given above is correct, that there is no obstacle to not being a member of the association and I accept the provisions of the bylaws of the Mediterranean Conservation Society.